Certificate Training for Phlebotomy Technician Program in Lansing

What draws students of DRM International Learning Center, LLC Phlebotomy Technician Program in Lansing to the training? Does the thought of learning to draw blood excite you? What about being on the cutting edge of blood drawing and sampling? When a person visits a hospital or medical clinic, one of the most stressful experiences for the patient can be having their blood drawn.

As a phlebotomist technician you’ll work to create an atmosphere of trust, support, and confidence with the patient in order to successfully draw blood. It’s a very specific skill set, as a lot of people can’t handle the sight of blood or needles.

Below we’re going to cover how you can obtain a certificate from a phlebotomy technician program in Lansing, information about this career path, and what responsibilities you can expect when working in this field.

Where Does A Phlebotomist Technician Work?

Phlebotomist Technicians work in a wide variety of medical fields and hospital settings. Typically, they work with other hospital and medical professionals to collect and prepare blood samples for further analysis.

This certificate can help you obtain employment in a wide variety of settings, including: blood donation facilities, medical laboratories, hospitals, physician’s offices, and numerous other health care settings. Basically, anywhere where blood needs to be drawn safely and skillfully, and then processed.

As a phlebotomist technician you can work in an environment that requires you to make house calls, or will have a flexible schedule based upon the needs of the facility you’re working at.

Phlebotomist Technician Job Responsibilities

To be a phlebotomy technician you must thrive in stressful environments, and like added challenge and responsibility. Since you’ll be working with patients you must be able to create a calming environment, effectively draw the blood, and communicate any relevant information to the doctor.

That being said, your responsibilities as a Phlebotomist Technician will include:

  • Drawing blood and explaining procedures to patients
  • Taking blood pressure, respiration, and pulse readings
  •  Preparing stains and reagents
  • Clean and sterilize necessary equipment
  •  Sending blood and other samples to the lab for analysis
  •  Updating patient records
  • Breakdown Of The Phlebotomy Certification

The phlebotomy certificate training program offers a challenging and high-quality curriculum, with the perfect combination of lab and study work. Successful completion of this course will enable you to work as a phlebotomist technician.

The phlebotomy course includes 8 days of classes. While, if you choose to combine both the phlebotomy and CNA course you’ll have a total of 20 days of classes. This dual training is a newer package we developed, and takes one month to complete the program.

The route you choose will depend upon your unique goals, and where you see yourself working in the medical field.

If you have any questions regarding our Phlebotomy Certificate Training Program, then reach out to our staff and instructors at the DRM International Learning Center, LLC. We want you to easily reach your career goals within the nursing field.

Obtaining higher levels of certification and training, always makes you a more competitive candidate. Remember to check out DRM International Learning Center, LLC’s Facebook page and twitter and other media channels and watch for Lansing CNA job openings, internships (clinicals), and healthcare jobs in the mid-Michigan area.

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