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Affordable Classes. Experienced Instructors.

We believe in you and what you are able to achieve with DRM.

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DRM International Learning Center provides accelerated career training in just 2–8 weeks.

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DRM International Learning Center provides hands-on Career Training in just 2-8 weeks.

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Upon successfully completing courses at DRM International Learning, you will be able to site for an exam to be credentialed in your perspective area of study.

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Upon request, we have Career Empowerment Specialists ready to help you build a resume, prepare for interviews & secure employment.

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Staff Training Programs

Are you in need of competent and quality trained staff? Allow DRM International Learning Center to provide your staff with quality State of Michigan approved Nurse Aide Training, Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Patient Care Technician, Hospice or Palliative Care Training. DRM International Learning Center training programs provide supervised practical learning and clinical experiences at state-approved clinical sites to complete the required training. Allow us to assist with developing your staffing training needs.

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5 Costs Of Higher Education: The Education Equation

College is hella expensive. With over 44 million college students, college graduates & people who realized “college wasn’t their thing” owing an average of $37,000 each.. there’s a lot of talk about how we can best reduce the financial burden being placed on people looking to further their...
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7 Reasons You Should Be Taking Accelerated Courses

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West Virginian Finds Rewarding Roofing Career (DOL)

Apprenticeship works not just for young people starting out in their careers; it can also serve people like Josie Johnson, who need to change careers...
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