DRM International Learning Center Testimonials

Testimonials are from actual students of our training programs. If you have a testimonial you would like to submit, contact us today and let us know! We love hearing from our graduates.

” This CNA course has helped my understanding in elderly care stronger! I am ready to work in the field and as well as at home with relatives, Thank you DRM! “

– Shantis


” DRM is a great opportunity to be part of. The students & staff are very kind & helpful. This experience will help me make a difference in my life. “

E. Pelkgrino


” The CNA program here at DRM is very educational and an awesome experience. The class is great. “



” DRM offers a supportive atmosphere for continued learning. The teachers are creative, positive and encouraging! “

S. Riggs


” A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step! “



” I cannot say enough good things about the instruction we received. “

Don Baxter


” DRM is a great school. They make training comprehensible and personable. I loved learning with Amy “

Student Mikhara H.


” the Sky’s the Limit @ DRM, Samantha “

Student Samantha


” Thank you DRM for giving me the opportunity to succeed! “

Student Carmen


” The C.N.A. program here was great!! Amy is a fantastic instructor “

Student Jaleesa


” Thanks DRM to help me get started the right way! “

Student Diane H.


” Thank You DRM never could have made it without you, Thank you Amy and all of DRM “

Student Fred H.


“ I recommend DRM, the key to success thank you for a wonderful experience “

– Student Amanda


“ Drm is a great way to progress further in your life “

Student Michael Angelo


“Drm is a very good class to learn how to be C.N.A. teachers great good class attitude and excellent clinical “

Student J. W.


“ The C.N.A. program here at Drm really helped me because a great and confident certified nurse assistant

Student Jaclyn


“ Our teacher Amy Made class time fly by, I loved it! “

Student Brittany Dinsmore


“ Drm was wonderful life changing experience. That will lead to success in your life “

Student Teddi


“ Family oriented. Caring teacher I’ve learned a lot and feel confident to pass my state test

Student Lucrecia


” The instructors were informative, and thorough at answering questions. They have a great passion for what they do!”



“ Drm offers a supportive atmosphere for continued learning the teachers are creative, positive, and encouraging

Student Sarah Riggs

“ This was major turning point in my life, and drm was there to help me support me through it all “

Student Heather Braman


“ Great environment awesome classmates, creative teacher “

Student Nadia Garcia


“ Shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars with DRM skills “

Student Tara Ramsey


“ Put your faith in the Lord and He will direct your paths

Student Alicia Montgomery-King


“ The C.N.A. program here at DRM is very educational and awesome experience the class is great and Amy is a fantastic teacher “

Student Nikki


“ DRM helped me to reach my career goal and helped me to be successful “

Student Amy Fancett


“ The class was great even our teacher our class had become like our family helping each other out

Student Ana Ryan


“ The clinical were a get experience the class makes you feel comfortable with the medical field even if you have no experience “

Student Krysti


“ The C.N.A. program here at Drm was great we learned at a comfortable pace and Amy is wonderful”

Student Mari


“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or things “

Student Carmen Quinn


“ DRM is a great way to get your career started make a great effort always

Jendayi Guy


“ Because of this class having both Amy and Amy as my teachers I will succeed in my job as a C.N.A

Student Caitlyn S.


“ Determine ready must achieve “Student Marcy S. – “The instructor are wonderful and have got me excited about working in the field “

Student Jendayi Gury


“ The course is easy, challenging and through about everything it’s fun and give you some self esteem knowing you’re trained to help people thank you”

Student Emily Bilsky


“ This course has helped my understanding in elderly care a lot stronger. I’m ready to work in the field an as well as at home with relatives thank you drm “

Student Shantis


“When you know what you want and you want it badly enough you’ll find a way to get it “

Student Shannon


“ Never before has there been such a great opportunity for nurse assistants “

Student Matt Simon


“ Great instructors very informational you will learn a lot this is a great school, Thanks drm “

Student Alexandria W.


“ Journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step even everyday is a step towards your future, so why not make it count? “

Student Shaquia


“ Thanks Drm for a job well done “

Student Orchuko


“ Practice what you learn in class; don’t say I saw her do it, it’s easy . You use everything you do in lab at clinicals and much more “

Student RoseAnn


Student April Demerest – “Compassion!! “


Student Lester – “ Drm makes dreams come true “


Student Kaylee – “If you believe you can achieve “


Student Carolyn – “Amy Rocks as an instructor”


Student Emily Slamka – “Hospice training was a great experience “