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Healthcare Training Testing Lansing MI

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Frequently Missed Checkpoints Year To Date

Skill Check Point Pass Rate
Change of Position Does not adjust resident’s left arm and shoulder to avoid pressure 70%
Change of Position Does not provide positioning device/padding pillow to support right shoulder/arm 75%
Indirect Care Does Not utilize standard precautions throughout procedure 75%
Indirect Care Does not promote resident safety throughout procedure 86%
Indirect Care Does not promote resident rights throughout procedure 85%
Perineal Care Does Not replace soiled under residents buttocks before beginning perineal care 73%
Perineal Care Does not pass over urinary meatus with first stroke of washcloth 79%
Perineal Care Does not position resident on side for cleansing of buttocks and rectal area 78%
Perineal Care Does not cleanse, rinse and dry rectal and buttocks area 78%
Transfer Does not complete transfer as a pivot 79%
Change an Occupied Bed Does not avoid exposure of resident throughout procedure 70%
Hair and Nail Care Does not apply lotion to hands after nails are cleaned and shaped Note: Do not mark wrong if candidate offered lotion, but actor refused. 80%
Measure and Record Pulse and Respirations Does not report pulse within +/- 4 beats per minute of CSO’s measurement 81%
Range of Motion Upper Extremity Does not take residents shoulder through abduction/adduction ROM 82%
Range of Motion Upper Extremity Does not take residents shoulder through rotation ROM 74%
Feeding Does not offer and assist resident to wash hands before feeding 46%
Feeding Does not sit to maintain eye level contact with resident while feeding 79%
Feeding Does not apply clothing protector before feeding 84%
Feeding Does not offer fluid to drink to moisten mouth before offering food 84%

CNA Test Locations in Michigan

Locations are current as of August 2015. You may also visit www.prometric.com/michigan for more information

City Location Test Site Address Phone Number
Ann Arbor Washtenaw Community College 4800 E Huron Dr 734-477-8977
Battle Creek Kellogg Community College 450 North Ave 269-660-2318
Dearborn Henry Ford Community College 3401 Schaefor Rd 313-317-6607
Detroit Wayne County Community College 8200 W Outer DR 800-752-4724
Dowagiac Southwestern Michigan College 5890 Cherry Grove Road 269-783-2133
Escanaba Bay de Noc Community College 2001 North Lincoln Road 800-752-4724
Flint Mott Community College 2100 West Thompson Road 810-762-0587
Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Community College 143 Bostwick Ave 616-234-3184
Holland Grand Rapids Community College 96 West 15th Street 616-234-3184
Ironwood Gogebic Community College E 4946 Jackson Rd. 906-307-1345
Jackson Jackson Area Training Center 6800 Browns Lake Rd 517-990-6700
Lansing Lansing Community College 515 N Washington Square 517-483-1405
Marysville St. Clair County Health Careers Academy 499 Range Road 866-784-8945
Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Technical Center 1155 South Elizabeth St. 989-775-2217
Petoskey North Central Michigan College 1515 Howard Street 231-439-6356
Saginaw Saginaw Career Complex 2102 Weiss St 989-399-6150
Scottville West Shore Community College 3000 N Stile Rd 231-843-5818
Southfield Abcott Institute 16250 Northland Dr. 800-752-4724
Traverse City TBA Career Tech Center 880 Parsons Rd 231-922-6273
Wakefield Gogebic Medical Center 402 North St 906-224-9811 ext115